View your Credits on the IRS website


CE Self Study reports passing scores to the IRS every Monday. It can take an additional 2 days for the IRS servers to update on their end and the credits to reflect within your PTIN account.


Update your PTIN with CE Self Study, please follow these steps below:
1. Log into your account at the CE Self Study website
2. Click on the “My Account” menu button, then click on “Addresses”
3. Under Billing Address click “Edit”
4. Enter your PTIN in the “Company Name” field.
5. Click on Save Address, and you’re all set.


Verifying your credits were uploaded to the IRS, please follow these steps below:
Log into the IRS PTIN System at:
1. Under the Additional Activities click Select to “View My Continuing Education Credits
2. Then, make sure to “Select Year
3. Then, click¬†“Expand” to see the details of your courses