Enrolled Agent Tax Course Bundle without Ethics


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This bundle provides a total of 24 hours of IRS Federal Tax Law courses, but does not include any Ethics course. Assuming all exams for this bundle are successfully passed before the end of the year, the student would have fulfilled the annual CE requirements that is required of an Enrolled Agent. Please note, the day and year that you pass an exam is the day and year when you  receive credit for that course.

*PROMOTION* on all Enrolled Agent Bundles: If you purchase any “Enrolled Agent Tax Course Bundle” below, you will also be enrolled in the “Federal Income Tax Changes – 2023” course for FREE. This 3-hour course is an update course that provides inflation numbers for new 2023 tax laws. After making the purchase, you will see this course added in your “My Course” page.


Course Description
This course provides a general overview of federal income tax laws on individual tax returns for the preparation of 2023 Tax Returns. It explains who must file, which tax forms to use, when the return is due, and other general information. It will provide guidance on which filing status can be used, whether or not dependents can be claimed, and whether the income received is taxable. The course also explains the standard deduction, the kinds of expenses that can be deducted, and the various credits that are available to reduce the total tax due.

When purchasing this bundle, your account will be enrolled in the 6 courses below:

  1. The Income Tax Return
  2. Income
  3. Capital Gains and Losses
  4. Adjustments to Income
  5. Standard and Itemized Deductions
  6. Figuring your Taxes and Credits
  7. Federal Income Tax Changes – 2023


The Income Tax Return
IRS Program #: YH9W1-T-00122-23-S
Credits: 2 hours
Exam Questions: 10

IRS Program #: YH9W1-T-00123-23-S
Credits: 5 hours
Exam Questions: 25

Capital Gains and Losses
IRS Program #: YH9W1-T-00124-23-S
Credits: 2 hours
Exam Questions: 10

Adjustments to Income
IRS Program #: YH9W1-T-00125-23-S
Credits: 5 hours
Exam Questions: 25

Standard and Itemized Deductions
IRS Program #: YH9W1-T-00126-23-S
Credits: 7 hours
Exam Questions: 35

Figuring your Taxes and Credits
IRS Program #: YH9W1-T-00127-23-S
Credits: 3 hours
Exam Questions: 15

Federal Income Tax Changes – 2023
IRS Program #: YH9W1-U-00130-23-S
Credits: 3 hours
Exam Questions: 15