Maximizing Deductions

**This course is now expired and no longer qualifies for IRS CE Credit. To avoid study material confusion, the course materials and final exam have been removed from this course.


IRS Program Number: YH9W1-T-00030-17-S
CE Credits: 10 hours
IRS Category: Federal Tax Law
Delivery Type: Online Self-Study
Exam Questions: 50

Course Syllabus

Course Description
This course provides a brief overview of the ins and outs of maximizing business deductions for car expenses, travel and entertainment, and home offices. It includes detailed, clear explanations and practical examples of how the tax law is applied. This course is a basic tax level course with no prerequisites, and qualifies for 10 CE credits in IRS Federal Tax Law.

Learning Objectives

  • To identify current information related to transportation expenses
  • To recognize how the Code determines where a taxpayer’s tax home is located
  • To identify the tax consequence of the designation of temporary assignment vs. permanent assignment
  • To recognize what travel expenses are deductible
  • To recall the rules regarding deductions for luxury water travel
  • To identify the requirements for deducting entertainment expenses
  • To identify the restrictions on the deductions for business gifts
  • To recall deductible transportation expenses
  • To identify the section 179 deduction requirements
  • To recognize the rules regarding depreciation of transportation vehicles
  • To recognize the various recordkeeping requirements for travel, entertainment, gift, and transportation expenses
  • To identify what is required to adequately account to an employer for employee business expenses
  • To recognize the tax rules regarding the business use of a home
  • To identify how daycare facilities in a home qualify for different rules than other businesses

Course Assignments

  • Study each Chapter
  • Answer review questions at the end of each chapter
  • Pass the Final Exam with a score of 70 percent or better

Final Exam and Certification
The final exam consists of 50 multiple-choice questions on the information covered in the course materials. To receive credit for this course, you must click on the Exam below to initiate the exam. A passing score of 70 percent or better will receive course credit and a Certificate of Completion.


Course Materials:

  • <Course Materials Removed (Out-dated)> If you would like a copy of this course materials for your reference, please reach out to us by email and we will reply with the course materials as an attached PDF file.

Course Content