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IRS Program Number: YH9W1-T-00044-18-S
CE Credits: 5 hours
IRS Category: Federal Tax Law
Delivery Type: Online Self-Study
Exam Questions: 25

Course Syllabus

Course Description
This self-study course discusses various types of income and will explain which income is and is not taxed. This is a Basic tax course with no prerequisites, and qualifies for 5 CE credit in IRS Federal Tax Law.

Learning Objectives

  • Recall what types of compensation are included as income for tax purposes.
  • Recognize what tips should be included in income for tax purposes.
  • Recall the proper tax treatment for various types of interest.
  • Identify the proper treatment of various types of dividends.
  • Recognize the proper treatment of rental property income and expenses for tax purposes.
  • Identify various requirements regarding retirement plan taxation.
  • Recognize key taxation thresholds related to social security income.
  • Identify the taxability of various types of other income.

Course Assignments

  • Study each Chapter
  • Answer review questions at the end of each chapter
  • Pass the Final Exam with a score of 70 percent or better

Final Exam and Certification
The final exam consists of 25 multiple-choice questions on the information covered in the course materials. To receive credit for this course, you must click on the Exam below to initiate the exam. A passing score of 70 percent or better will receive course credit and a Certificate of Completion.


Course Materials:

Course Content