Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Securities Act (CARES)

**This course is now expired and no longer qualifies for IRS CE Credit. To avoid study material confusion, the course materials and final exam have been removed from this course.


IRS Program Number: YH9W1-T-00093-21-S
CTEC Program Number: 6243-CE-0017
CE Credits: 2 hours
IRS Category: Federal Tax Law
Delivery Type: Online Self-Study
Exam Questions: 10

Course Syllabus

Course Description
This course covers the most significant aspects of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Securities (CARES) Act. It is in a format that summarizes the key points of the act and then a thorough FAQ section that will hopefully answer many of your questions. Though this basic tax course does not require any prerequisites, its recommended target audience is for existing tax preparers, however anyone may take this course. This course provides 2 CE credits in the IRS Federal Tax Law category.


Learning Objectives

  • To identify relevant aspects of the CARES Act

Course Assignments

  • Study each Chapter
  • Answer review questions at the end of each chapter
  • Pass the Final Exam with a score of 70 percent or better

Final Exam and Certification
The final exam consists of 10 multiple-choice questions on the information covered in the course materials. To receive credit for this course, you must click on the Exam below to initiate the exam. A passing score of 70 percent or better will receive course credit and a Certificate of Completion.


Course Materials:

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